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About The Jewelry


About the Jewelry 

Fernando Benally's creations are handmade and made to the highest quality. The jewelry is stamped by the artist and is also stamped with the Sterling silver or Karat of gold. Each piece is meant to be collected, worn as an everyday piece and has a significant meaning behind each symbol...

Medicine Mask Collection:

The Mountains on the forehead of the Medicine Mask represents healing, the Eyes represent meditation, the Mouth represents prayer, the Rain represents prosperity and the Arrow, protection.  These are the most common symbols used throughout the Medicine Mask Collection. Fernando also uses other significant symbols that you will see in his other creations.  Acknowledging the natural elements and their healing properties, the Medicine Mask collection is timeless.

Mountain Ring Collection:

In the Mountain Ring collection the ring shape honors the Mountains and is for healing.  The Raincloud on the side represents prosperity while the Sun on the opposite side represents a new day. The side circle inlay on each side represents prayer circles. The Mountain Ring collection embodies elegance with symbolic meaning of the Natural elements and the Four Sacred Mountains.